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Membership options and benefits:
Core membership gives you access to all Noôdome’s communal spaces. With stimulating cultural, educational and business events held here regularly, this is where you will feel the city’s intellectual pulse. Noôdome is the ideal place to acquire new knowledge, make useful connections with interesting people, present your projects and share insights. The club space is open to members at weekends as well as during the week.
Membership benefits include:
Access to Noôdome’s communal spaces seven days a week
A platform for integrating ideas, with the opportunity to present your projects to other club members or find out about their initiatives
Club library
A place to welcome your guests
Online and offline access to our cultural and educational programme
Cultural and educational programme:
Weekly thematic meetings; discussions with prominent experts and business leaders, distinguished academics and writers, and eminent actors and artists on highly topical themes
Monthly concerts and film screenings, theatrical and literary evenings, exhibitions and presentations Thematic events
Thematic events
Weekly business breakfasts, lunches and cocktails; informal socializing with other members of the club community and an invited guest
Special projects
Annual club gala event
Special children’s weekend programme
Well-being activities
Weekday group yoga classes and other activities in the club’s specially equipped space
* certain events in the programme will be available when the necessary spaces have opened at Noôdome